December 2017 Newsletter









We are very excited to share our Holidays with you!

We hope your Christmas is full of love and appreciation & may your New Year be full of new experiences!

Panama City Beach is one of the most lively places during the Holiday season. As much as you would think surf would be part of our regimen, that is not always the case. Over the next month, we have so many fun festivities going on around the beach and in town!
Take a Look!

For more information on local events visit www.visitpanamacitybeach.com or just click on any of the images above to be taken to that events page.

Check out the latest DNB video on Drone Marketing!



How do Investors participate in the real-estate sector?
A. Mutual funds and ETFs
B. Stocks
C. As direct orners/landlords
D. All of the above

Many investors inadvertently own real estate. Broad-themed mutual funds typically allocate a portion of their holdings to real estate. They own it directly, too, sometimes in the form of an exchange-traded fund. You can buy stock in home builders or REITs. You also can buy investment properties for income, and in some cases you can carry these properties within an IRA. Some argue that owning a primary home makes the average investor “overweight” in real estate, so portfolio allocations to real estate need not comprise a large percentage of holdings.

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Don and Bubba Homes
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